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Pin by def on HyunJin in 2019 Kpop Boy groups Got7
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Pin by def. on 1. HyunJin 황현진 in 2019 | Pinterest | Kpop, Got7 and Taeyong
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Pin by def. on HyunJin 황현진 in 2019 | Pinterest | Kpop, Got7 and Bigbang
SF9 Rowoon ~ Once more we have an underrated angel who needs way more recognition. He has such masculine features that are so unique and so handsome.
I don't watch much groups so I don't have top 10… Don't hate me please. Now lets go to the girls in kpop groups and this is also in random order ...
BTOB's Minhyuk and Ilhoon are the definition of perfection… beautiful when they are serious, even more so when they are smiling
EXO Sehun ~ This man had the facial structure sent down from heaven itself and thank god for that. He is the absolute definition of visual!
I just think he's a good visual even though he isn't a visual in his group and I- yeah. It's Kookie from BTS.
... (it's unique for me, unique = beautiful) i was especially awe (star-strucked) of Seulgi in Red Velvet's Bad Boy MV and Mina in Gugudan's The Boots MV
Hyunjin (Loona)
Known as World Wide Handsome, why won't he be one of the best visuals? Kim Seokjin ;)
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First off, he's a visual in his group that's for sure and second.. I am so jungshook that I am going to die. Of course it's TaeTae what else?
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Once again I don't watch much girl groups as much as boy groups, so sorry once again. I really hope you enjoyed my top 10 (not really) visuals from both ...
GOT7 snake snake proved the popularity of local superstar by selling all the performances of Bangkok solo fan meeting tour in Thailand.
ASTRO Cha Eunwoo ~ Would this list be complete without the visual of Korea? Even other celebrities get lulled in by the outstanding beauty of Eunwoo.
... jackson 2015 idol 94
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Okkaaay so maybe Hyunjin is the biggest bias wrecker, idek ○ ○ ○ Tags:
This group I think disbanded a long time ago and it's called ZE:A. I liked most of their songs but the one that had my eyes laid on them is Park ...
... Wu …
Monsta X's I.M talked about recently recording an audiobook.
I heard a Twice girly was #1 on the prettiest girl (kpop) in kpop and why wouldn't I include her if she was? It's Sana from Twice!
GOT7 Photos Vintage 2019 Calendar Poster Music Bar Cafe Bedroom Home Wall Decoration Kraft Paper Painting
[190227 | WEIBO] Los tres pósters de Mark que estarán disponible en la revista
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How beautiful 🥺❤ - - - - - - - - - - -
That's why I stan this man. Netizens where you at? Watch this video and
Sorry - - - - - - - - - - - #straykids #bangchan
So I went to a Korean/kpop store in NY and I got a few
Girl group WJSN will hold a second single concert in March.
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I don't really watch much boy groups because I'm loyal af to BTS (sorry cries) but I think this leader needs much appreciation than what he usually gets ...
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MARK × CHICTEEN March, 2019 . . . . . #got7 #mark #
Popular KPOP GOT7 Band Poster Famous Star Paintings White Coated GOT 7 JinYoung Jr Posters Home
iKON recently appeared on KBS Cool FM's “Moon Hee Jun's Music Show.”
... style ...
TBird's Popsical Group promotional picture.
kpop group astro group photo
Kpop Hot Pot
This controversial trend is still going strong for male idols a wonderful or unfortunate thing depending
He is so cute omg x😭😍 • • • • #bts#got7
Boy group B.I.G has added a new member!
The hairs on his cheek are so attractive 🥺 wow he is so ethereal 💫 #
2PM Jun Ho will send a thank you for his sincere heartbeat two days before the release of his new album.
PRE ORDER Stray Kids HYUNJIN STUNNING SLOGAN Close PO 10 februari 2019 DETAIL: Reflective Slogan
Here this one's better 🤩• • 🏷: #straykids #straykidsedit #straykidsedits #
ASTRO's Cha EunWoo And MONSTA X's MinHyuk Are Helping Out Each Other With Band Aids At “ISAC 2019” Seollal
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MASC's promotional picture for "Do ...
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PRE ORDER Stray Kids HYUNJIN TALKINABOUT SLOGAN Close PO 17 februari 2019 DETAIL: Reflective Slogan
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Hyunjin minum aja ganteng . . Let's Follow
Check my story plz rich hoes #straykids #skz #jyp #kpop #hyunjin #hwanghyunjin #skzhyunjin #straykidshyunjin #kimwoojin #woojin #bangchan #skzchan #minho ...
this is my kpop boy hes the cutest n i wanna fluff his hair 🤭 ps ik
#Straykids Instagram
022719 - it's my birthdayyy woo! i aged with a popped eye vessel and i
BIG SALE: Flat Shoulder Label Blouse at Dootastyle
lcyonger Among Fans Korean K-POP BLACKPINK Album Brooch Pin
Aquí les tengo este edit de Hyunjin, fue lo más que pude hacer, espero
K-pop boy band GOT7 launches 2nd subunit Jus2
Simple tapi kece 😍°°>>🌵🌵Yuk follow @Kfm.korea
#gay #gaypride #pride .
HeartB's "A Song For U" promotional ...
The new unit Jus2 (JUST2) of GOT7 with JB announces the first mini album 'FOCUS' on March 5th.
#Got7 #got7jackson #got7youngjae #jacksonwang #jacksongot7 #
#bts #nct #wayv #got7 #straykids #bigbang #wannaone #bap #pentagon #unb #seventeen #seongcheol #kpop #kpopmultifandom #army #nctzen #aghase #kpopislife ...
I swear I'm not 창빈 biased- #straykids #skz #jyp #kpop #hyunjin #hwanghyunjin #skzhyunjin #straykidshyunjin #kimwoojin #woojin #bangchan #skzchan #minho ...
#Straykids Instagram
Kpop fans were quick to draw comparisons between Wooseok's painterly neon green hair for Pentagon's summery
*Mark-GOT7 *Seungri-BIGBANG *JungYongHwa-CNBLUE *YookSungJae-BtoB *Mino-WINNER *Hyunjin-StrayKids *GOT7 *BIGBANG *CNBLUE *BtoB *WINNER *StrayKids